WSOT Demo League Monthly Qualifier #7 Standings as of October 9, 2023
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WSOT Demo League: Monthly Qualifier #7 Standings as of October 9, 2023

WSOT Demo League Monthly Qualifier #7 Standings as of October 9, 2023

Welcome back, WSOT enthusiasts!

The excitement continues to escalate in the Demo League tournaments, with Monthly Qualifier #7 in full swing. This month-long event, which kicked off on October 2 and will run until October 29, 2023, has already witnessed an exceptional display of trading prowess.

As of October 9, 2023, we’re thrilled to reveal the current standings of the top participants across four crucial categories: WSOT score ranking, equity performance percentage ranking, normalized profit factor ranking, and sharp ratio ranking.

Let’s dive right in and celebrate these trading maestros!

WSOT Score Ranking:

  1. wpage – WSOT Score: 2.00
  2. Danche – WSOT Score: 2.33
  3. Scorpion21 – WSOT Score: 2.33
  4. Pavi – WSOT Score: 2.67
  5. Merry – WSOT Score: 2.67

In the WSOT Score category, wpage takes the lead with an impressive score of 2.00.

Equity Performance Percentage Rankings:

  1. wpage – Equity Performance: 253.31%
  2. Danche – Equity Performance: 209.99%
  3. Scorpion21 – Equity Performance: 209.99%
  4. Merry – Equity Performance: 64.47%
  5. Pavi – Equity Performance: 15.64%

wpage maintains its leading position in both the WSOT Score and Equity Performance Percentage Rankings, demonstrating a balanced approach towards trading proficiency and equity growth.

Danche and Scorpion21 continue to share the second position in the WSOT Score Ranking, indicating similar overall trading performance. However, in terms of Equity Performance Percentage, they also maintain a close tie, suggesting comparable levels of impressive returns.

Pavi and Merry have swapped positions between the two rankings. Pavi, who holds the third position in the WSOT Score Ranking, has moved to the fifth position in the Equity Performance Percentage Ranking.

Normalised Profit Factor Ranking:

  1. Maipato18 – Profit Factor: 0.85
  2. Suyafx – Profit Factor: 0.07
  3. Pavi – Profit Factor: 0.06
  4. arienzo– Profit Factor: 0.00
  5. Davtvelly – Profit Factor: 0.00

In terms of the Normalized Profit Factor, we observe a new set of rankings and a lot of new names. Maipato18 secures the top position with a profit factor of 0.85, indicating an efficient and profitable trading strategy.

Suyafx and Pavi follow closely with profit factors of 0.07 and 0.06, respectively. While their profit factors are notably lower than the leader, they still demonstrate an ability to generate profits relative to their trading activity.


These top performers in the Demo League Monthly Qualifier #7 have truly demonstrated exceptional trading skills and strategic acumen. With the tournament set to conclude on October 29, 2023, the competition promises to be even more thrilling.

We applaud their efforts and look forward to seeing how the final stretch unfolds. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from WSOT, and may the best trader win!

Please note that the standings are as of October 9, 2023, at 10:00:00 and are subject to change as the tournament progresses. Keep an eye on our platform for updates and further insights into the WSOT demo trading tournaments. Happy trading, everyone!


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