Trading Tournaments

Are you ready to show us what you’ve got on the trading arena? Then it’s time to select your free virtual funds game and prove your worth!


Headhunt tournaments are instant, 24/7, short-term events that enable you to win immediate WSOT coins

Start date
Prize pool
Traded instruments
Winning criteria
Qualification token


Classic tournaments gather thousands of players worldwide competing for big cash prizes, funded account, coins prizes and qualification for the Main Event

Start date
End date
Prize pool
Traded instruments
Winning criteria
Qualification token
Min playtraders


Lewis Muriuki

aka. @Lewism09

"On WSOT you get to hone your trading skills risk-free with a fair chance to win real money.You also get to interact with traders from all over the globe."

Stefan Friedrichowski

aka. @Lola

"The best thing about WSOT is that since you can trade without any costs, you can trade any edge directly."

Johnpaul Uzor

aka. @Jeppy

"The WSOT trading games put you among great traders and sharpen your skills."

Segun Olatunbosun

aka. @Krados

"WSOT is free, it`s fun, the democratic preset rules are very helpful and supportive."

Tournament FAQ

How Trading Tournaments Work

It is not as complicated as it seems - our trading tournaments happen on the MT5 trading platform, and to join them, you just have to create your user profile at Once you do, you will receive your trading account credentials per mail, and with them, you can join a tournament of your choice.
The timer at the beginning of the tournament page will show you how much time there is left until the game begins or finishes. Once the game you have joined starts, your trading account will automatically get charged with $100,000 virtual funds which you can use for your trading.

Trading Tournament Benefits

Free paper trading tournaments are an invaluable opportunity for novice traders to learn how to navigate the markets. Many experienced traders also participate to try out new methodologies, get famous for their achievements and above all - to have fun! Not to mention the cash prizes, of course - what a better motivation to join a free game? See the full list of trading tournament benefits below.

Why Use Free Tournament Trading Platform

Trading is, practically, the oldest game in the world. On, we challenge you to test your skills and will against other traders, and not against the market. lets you play something that gives you valuable real-life skills, bringing you new knowledge and financial rewards. Why play games that do not pay back when there are risk-free ways to trade and earn profits without investing anything?’s platform is unique and makes trading so much more fun. Moreover, you can always access it for free outside of the games to just practice your skills and strategies, so give it a try!

How to Enter a Free Trading Tournament

1. Register your account for free
2. Get your trading account credentials by mail
3. Choose the tournament you would like to join
4. Remember its starting time and get ready to playtrade

5. Join the game

Write us at for any questions or need of support