Anton Kreil - Master Trader, TV Celebrity & Educator - WSOT Trading Legends

Anton Kreil – Master Trader, TV Celebrity & Educator

A true maverick in the realm of trading, Kreil is more than just a master of the markets; he is a mentor, an educator, and an inspiration to countless aspiring traders worldwide. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the fascinating journey of Anton Kreil, exploring his background, his trading philosophy, and the impact he […]

Jim Simons - The Mathematician Who Cracked the Code of the Market

Jim Simons – The Mathematician Who Cracked the Code of the Market

Another Trading Legend within the World Series of Trading Hall of Fame shines brightly: Jim Simons. His story reads like a gripping novel, weaving together elements of mathematics, relentless determination, and groundbreaking innovation. Often dubbed the “Quant King,” Simons revolutionized how we perceive and navigate the financial markets. Let’s delve into the extraordinary life and […]

A Berlin based Hedge Fund Veteran

Exclusive Interview With a Berlin-based Hedge Fund Veteran – Silvio Graß

We are very pleased to feature the well-known hedge fund manager Silvio Graß from Berlin in today’s interview. One of his flagship funds will participate in this year’s WSOT Main Event. We took this as an opportunity to invite him for this interview. Professional background: Q: Could you briefly describe your path into the world […]

Paul Tudor Jones: The Maverick Trader - WSOT Trading Legends

Paul Tudor Jones: The Maverick Trader

In the world of high-stakes finance and investment, specific names stand out. Paul Tudor Jones, a maverick trader whose career has been marked by extraordinary successes, innovative strategies, and a deep commitment to philanthropy, is one of those. In this blog article, we’ll delve into the life, career, and lasting impact of the man behind […]

Mark Minervini

The Remarkable Journey of Mark Minervini

In the fast-paced and often unpredictable world of stock trading, a few individuals stand out as beacons of success and expertise. Mark Minervini is undoubtedly one of those. Born on December 20, 1967, Mark Minervini has earned a stellar reputation as a trader, author, educator, and founder of Minervini Private Access. This platform shares his […]

Jesse Livermore: The Secrets of Wall Street's First Trading Legend

Jesse Livermore: The Secrets of Wall Street’s First Trading Legend

In finance, names of brilliance stick. Jesse Livermore, a legendary trader, is one such luminary. His life and career still mesmerize, offering lessons for today’s traders and investors. Livermore’s intuition, daring strategies, gains, and losses form a captivating tale of triumph and tragedy. Humble Beginnings Born in 1877, Massachusetts, Livermore’s finance journey began early. Starting […]

Bozhidar Bozhkov

Mastering the Art of Trading Metrics: An Interview with Bozhidar Bozhkov on Normalised Profit Factor

Welcome back to another insightful interview with trading specialist Bozhidar Bozhkov! In our previous exclusive interview titled “Telling The Truth About Performance Ranking Calculations”, Bozhidar provided us with valuable insights into the intricate world of trading performance metrics. This time, we delve even deeper into the realm of trading analysis as we sit down with […]

Dan Zanger: From Self-Taught Trader to World Records Holder

Dan Zanger: From Self-Taught Trader to World Records Holder

A few individuals stand out as legends in our stock trading world due to their remarkable strategies and extraordinary success. Among these luminaries is Dan Zanger, a self-taught trader who achieved unparalleled returns by deploying a highly successful trend-following strategy and disciplined trading approach. Dan holds the World Record in annual and 18-month Performance with […]

Bozhidar Bozhkov

Telling The Truth About Performance Ranking Calculations – Exclusive Interview With Trading Specialist, Bozhidar Bozhkov

In the fast-paced world of financial markets, understanding the intricate details of performance ranking calculations can make all the difference for traders and investors.  We had the privilege of sitting down with Bozhidar Bozhkov, a team member of WSOT and seasoned trading specialist with over 8 years of experience, to uncover the hidden truths behind […]

Introducing the Trading Legends Hall of Fame

Introducing the Trading Legends Hall of Fame

Throughout the last 100 years, millions of Traders participated in the biggest game of all, the financial markets. Many failed, and others succeeded. Some became Legends by achieving riches, belonging to the wealthiest humans of their time. Legends have been made in Bull as well as Bear markets. Some even during the biggest Markets Crashes […]

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