Introducing the Trading Legends Hall of Fame
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Introducing the Trading Legends Hall of Fame

Introducing the Trading Legends Hall of Fame

Throughout the last 100 years, millions of Traders participated in the biggest game of all, the financial markets.

Many failed, and others succeeded. Some became Legends by achieving riches, belonging to the wealthiest humans of their time.

Legends have been made in Bull as well as Bear markets. Some even during the biggest Markets Crashes of all time.

To honour the best of the best, we introduce the WSOT Hall of Fame, where the most legendary Traders of all time will be inducted to preserve their contributions to the trading community.

We keep their legacy alive.

Within this Legends Section, we will dive deep into their trading lives and strategies to help aspiring traders on their way to the top.

What made them succeed and led to astronomical profits? Which mistakes they made, and how can you benefit from their wisdom?

Follow us on the journey to the Masters of the Game and level up your Trading! Within the following months, we will feature Trading Legends like Jesse Livermore, Paul Tudor Jones, Dan Zanger, Nicolas Darvas, and many more.

We also closely look at the biggest names in Trading nowadays. We will reveal shortly who these traders are and induct them into the Hall of Fame, where future WSOT Main Event winners should also find their place.

More information on the WSOT Main Event.

Introducing the Trading Legends Hall of Fame


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